Gary Koenitzer was born into a family of artists and art collectors. Growing up in a home full of amazing art, he quickly began to examine the art world and its creators. He became fascinated with the details of the lives and methods of artists seeing this world as a inviting culture all of its own. Ultimately he developed a great passion for not only the art but also the great history of artist’s themselves. After much experimentation creating his own art he became most inspired by the response a given art work might have to those that see it as well as the online media interaction to it. His art work became a working experiment exploring the characteristics which most stimulated intellect, emotion and aesthetics. He was never interested in making a statement or sending a message to his audience but rather more facinated with the pure visual impact each art work may have on its viewer alone. He sees his entire body of work as an a single on going art experiment. At some point he may well write and publish his findings. His favorite subjects are a wide range of charismatic characters, other artists as works of art themselves as well as contemporary adventures and non objective art work. Each artwork he believes is projecting something far more than just its surface.

Gary has been recognized for inventing his own creative style and process he calls Linearmix. He works in unique mediums such as aluminum, ink, oils, on canvas, digital painting, lenticular, animation, metal and acrylic prints, digital photography, and digital tablet drawing. His work has been widely exhibited and collected around the world such as in NYC, London, Berlin, Saint Petersburg and Philadelphia. His popular website has collectors as far north as Stockholm, as fall south as Salvador as far east as Tokyo and Beijing and as far west as San Francisco. Gary has worked on unique projects with the likes of the Film Society of Lincoln Center, New York’s Museum of Modern Art’s MOMA labs and the The American Institute of Graphic Arts. This collaboration produced a rare animation exhibition in Philadelphia’s Space gallery. A video of this event can be viewed below.

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Watch a Gary Koenitzer Video of a first of its kind art event which included NYC’s MoMA ART LAB and the Film Society of Lincoln Center ANIMATE.

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